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December 07, 2010


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amanda chrsitine

I had a Molly and I remember that when I got her my mom threw me a 1940's themed birthday party just like Molly's. The little girl I babysit who is 6 just got her first doll for Christmas and I can't wait to read the books with her.


I too have many many fond memories of my American Girl Molly. She and I had matching red and white striped PJs. I read and reread the books for all of the girls, and eagerly anticipated those little maroon boxes tied up with ribbons as I collected each accessory piece by piece. As my family was of Scandinavian descent I also had Kirstin's St. Lucia dress and a few odds and ends. This year my twin nieces are receiving their first American Girl dolls and I can't wait to share with them the joy of these special stories.


I am so grateful to American Girl Company for being such a huge part of my childhood. They practically raised me! My grandmother gave Addy dolls to my cousin and me one Christmas, and we were so attached to them that we wrote our names in permanent marker on their feet so that we wouldn't mix them up during sleepovers.
This year for Christmas, I asked for Felicity because they're going to retire her. I never got over the disappointment of never getting her or Samantha when I was a kid.
Great blog, Jenny!


Between my sister and I, we had four of the dolls: Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, and Josephina, and of course countless outfits! Kirsten was mine, but I always liked Felicity's dresses and accessories better.

We still have the dolls, I think. This takes me back...thanks for the story!


Wow! I'm thrilled to see so many other women with outstanding American Girl stories!
I actually think it's kind of cool that there's a 1970's girl. I think it's a neat intergenerational tie and a good connection to the "rememberable" past.
Now, of course I wish they didn't retire my beloved Felicity, but I understand the decision. Also, after a quick look at the American Girls site, it appears that the doll and her accessories are being retired, but the books will continue to be available. Horray!


I have so many wonderful memories with my American Girl dolls. I remember opening the box with Samantha inside (I was convinced we looked exactly alike) one Christmas and (to this day) it still remains one of the best Christmas presents ever! That Christmas I also received a my-size version of Samantha's Sailor outfit and I proceeded to wear it to every important event until I grew out of it (with matching doll in hand, of course). A few years later when my family moved to a different state my parents 'bribed' my brother and myself to move with $200 each. I, of course, spent that money on Kirsten (I was convinced I needed her because of my Swedish ancestry) and some of her collection. After I got Kirsten I would dress up at Christmas time as Santa Lucia and recreate the traditions that went on in Swedish homes. I would cook dinner for my family from the AG cookbooks and make my older brother do some of the crafts with me. I sill have both of my dolls along with all of the accessories I collected over the years in my closet at my Mom and Dad's house...and it would take a lot of convincing to ever get rid of any of it!

Val Garner

Dating myself but American Girls was before my time.
However, when I was a kid (I don't know which company made them), but every time my folks filled up their gas tanks at the service station, they were able to get a "world doll". A doll about the size of a barbie and dressed in traditional country's clothing. I loved collecting those dolls! I've never seen any around since however.


My grandparents gave my sister Kirsten and I got Molly. I adored Molly because she had brown hair, just like me! Most of my knowledge of the home front in the US during WWII still comes from those books. Victory gardens, war bonds, blackout curtains, refugees from England, and the stress of a father far away. I still have her, somewhere...


When I was young I was obsessed with the American Girl books and dolls, but the dolls were always too expensive. A couple of Christmases ago my boyfriend (now husband) found out about my obsession and bought me my very own American Girl Doll: Samantha. I've never had a better present!

A longer version of the story is on my blog:

I've also interviewed several people who have their own American Girl stories:
A lot of the females around my age who chose history as a career path do seem to have American Girl memories.


I always loved Samantha and Molly, but I never had any of the dolls. Instead, I was given Babysitter's Club Dolls--which to me, were just as fun. :)


I had Felicity, too! But Molly was the one I really identified with because I also felt awkward, bookish, and wore glasses. Remember when the series first came out each girl only got 4, then 6 books? Molly's original story arc ended when she was the first one to greet her Dr. Dad home from the war because she'd been unable to go to school to do her Christmas play as she'd caught a cold. I actually just teared up writing this.

I also fondly remember Samantha's Aunt Cordelia, her uncle's girlfriend, who was a suffragette, much to Sam's grandmother's everlasting regret.

I didn't know they are replacing Felicity - that's a travesty. The 70s just happened! Look at your parents' pictures, girls!


"Which American Girl did you have" is always an interesting conversation with twenty-something women. I had a Kirsten doll because I loved her pioneering sense of adventure. Addy also captured my attention with her efforts to reunite her family.
Am I dating myself when I say I'm sad to see them replacing Felicity with a girl from the 1970s?

Harrow Strickland

AWWWWWW......LOVE that story!!!! :-)

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