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November 04, 2010


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musuem guide

Yes, storytelling is a lost art in the modern world that we live in. Glad to see that there is interest in using this approach to teach children and hold their interests.


I guess teaching kids especially about history by story-telling is a great way to get their attention. Sometimes, children get bored with this type of topic and they are more attentive when it comes to fantasy, etc. Story-telling would definitely help us gain control of the situation.


I'm interested in the relationship of story to learning as well. It seems we process information in a linear manner best. As a film-maker and photographer, however, I've often experimented with telling stories ina nonlinear way, in an attempt to offer an alternative way of processing the world. I wonder if educational theorists have done much work with thsi type of thing?

Thasnks for bringing up this subject.

Val Garner

So true in that stories make history come alive and spark our imagination, while some of the dryer facts can squelch the love of history right out of children.

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