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November 18, 2010


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Annie Wieg

I personally love squirrels. I have fed them in my backyard for years. They get so tame they will come to the back door for food. Of course I work with a a landscaper in Palatine.Landscaping and squirrels DO NOT go together. I plant, they eat. I put in bulbs, they dig up bulbs. I plant veggies, they eat veggies. Then I have to replace! But my heart still stays with the little gray and red guys. They are so darn cute I let their stealing slide.


I think Justin Beiber looks more like a meerkat - you know those ones where they stick there little heads out of the burrow and look around for danger.

Bob Stroller

Squirrels have been around forever and a museum seems as good a place as any for them to hang out. BTW - I think Justin Bieber looks more like a hamster than a squirrel.


Yeah, I remember a squirrel entering the pitch at an Arsenal game against Villareal. It wasn't rushed out by the stewards as they hop in a too cute way, which makes them not be considered pests.


Hey! Don't compare squirrels to Justin Bieber ok?
But yeah, I noticed that squirrels tend to have "people freezing" powers, since everyone, upon seeing a squirrel somewhere, stops frozen until the squirrel gets on its way.
I didn't know that they taste-test everything though.I can see how that recommends them as pests.


That's funny. I work at a small local museum, and there are a lot of squirrels on our grounds. But the thing that attracts the most attention? Turkeys. There are a couple of wild turkeys roaming the grounds and people go nuts when they see them. They always attract crowds of people.


I remember 1979 my dad had me play hooky from my last year in high school to see the King Tut exhibit and he tossed popcorn and making pigeons swarm me. He thought it was a hoot..he had a strange wacky sense of humor. Ahhhh memories

Patrick Smith

Great post! Outside our museum here in Connecticut we watch the squirrels trying to dodge the Red Tail Hawks which are looking for a quick lunch.....

hillary gamblin

this is a clever blog post. i always knew that these animals were dangerous.


I think I needed this perspective. Living in DC only made me hate all squirrels. also pigeons. Both seemed like gigantic collections of germs held together by feathers and fur.

maggie lee

Back in the early 90's at the Denver Museum of Natural History (now Museum of Nature and Science) we had a squirrel we called "T.rexus squirrelus" because he would "stalk" visitors as they approached and, if they didn't have some tidbit for him, would attack their feet! I believe the Parks Police finally trapped him and removed him to the wild.

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