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October 20, 2010


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John McNeal

The world’s largest offshore wind farm opened off the southeast coast of England on Thursday, as part of the British government’s push to boost renewable energy.

With the opening of the Thanet wind farm, Britain now has the capacity to produce 5 gigawatts of wind-powered energy — roughly the amount of energy needed to power all the homes in Scotland, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne said.

Britain gets only 3 percent of its energy from renewable sources but is aiming for a target of 15 percent by 2020. The nation ranks 25th of 27 European Union countries on action on green power.


A breakthrough is good. But I believe what is more important is that the idea or concept is put to good use. Safety glasses for automobiles - yeah these already need some improvements. However, if there comes a multitude of costs attached to the manufacturing of new products, breakthroughs like this will become all useless. Congratulations to the new Nobel Prize winners!

Zinnia Manley

It is amazing the things that are discovered when not expected. It would seem that graphene may be used for a multitude of products. I wonder if it could replace safety glass in cars,or maybe the glass panels in skyscrapers. These types of discoveries are exciting and benefit everyone.

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