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October 12, 2010


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Weslee D'Audney

John A Philips has confused two separate stories. Noel and two friends came to NY on embarcation leave after earning their wings in Canada in Airforce Commonwealth Scheme. I met them at a lunchtime Servicemen's Canteen where I was a hostess.One of the chaps invited me to afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel but Noel showed up instead. It was 30 years later I learned that Noel, in jest, said to his friend, “You keep that date and I'll break your leg!” That tale was in the NZ Star Times article “Poster Girl”.

John A. Phillips

I sat next to Wesley d'Audney on a crowded UAL flight from Newark to Sacramento in October, 2008. She fascinated me with her "nurse poster" story all the way to Denver. But there is a part you haven't heard. She had just been proposed to during a visit to Pennsylvania to a former soldier she had been dating prior to her marriage, a man who had given up on her 60 years earlier because the NZRAF pilot she married threatened to "break his legs" if he didn't stop dating her. Both widowed, he reconnected with her as a result of her interview with the New Zealand paper.and invited her to visit him. She told him she would "think his proposal over." I'd love to know how the story came out. It was the most engaging conversation I have ever had on an airline flight!

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