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October 29, 2010


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Mark Hester

A bit off topic -- but per your 3rd paragraph:

The biggest misuse of apostrophes I see are in there use on numbers, dates and abbreviations.


None of these need apostrophes unless they are possessive (1940's fashions, for instance.)

Just though I would agree with you a bit and tell you that I loved the rest of the article.

Thank you.



What a great article (I especially like the spelling lesson)! It's always interesting to learn about the evolution of traditions. The images from the museum's collections really show how some things never change. The costumes may not be as elaborate or shiny, but otherwise very much the same. Great site. I enjoy it so much!


Marjorie Silva

What a wonderful resource for teachers. As a retired teacher, I am often amazed and thankful for the abundance of resources available for teachers today. If they only new how lucky they are! Keep up the good work.

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