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October 13, 2010


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Ida Topps

Plants need nutrients to survive and thrive. Sandy soil lacks enough of the essential nutrients and so needs to be enriched properly. Otherwise, only cacti will survive.

I have friends with a beautiful garden living in Arizona but all their plants are grown in pots filled with rich soil.

Val Garner

I've never heard of the fish pepper before, I'll have to try one, they are interesting looking as well.


The fish peppers makes a nice decoration if you let it dry and then put it in a bowl on a table.


@Brian Burkard,
Our horticulturist Joe Brunetti says: "Just give the plant adequate amt. of water. Neglet in an Arizona climate will probably do it in. If soil is extremely sandy, I would suggest adding a good quality compost to soil."
Good luck!

Brian Burkard

I love seafood and would love to try another way to spice up my seafood dishes. I live in Arizona and wonder if the climate here is condusive to growing these type of peppers. Thanks so much for exposing me to another hot spicy pepper I was never aware of.

Rich Johnson

Not only a beautifully spicy pepper to enjoy with shellfish, a stunning fruit to watch grow through the season and also a pleasantly pretty blue and white flower.
My garden is full of these little fish peppers, and my kitchen cupboard filled with home sun dried, flaked and sauced peppers.


@Ruth, according to Joe Brunetti, one of the co-authors, the peppers do seem to get a little more spicy as they color.


I began growing Fish Peppers a couple of years ago and liked them so much that they’ve been included in every garden since that initial planting. The great thing about this unusual vegetable is that the plant is very ornamental and produces huge crops of tasty peppers. If you enjoy growing peppers and happen to be searching for a new variety that is interesting and ornamental be sure to add this African-American heirloom pepper to your list. Fish Peppers will reward you with a display of ornamental foliage and fruits, and loads of delicious peppers suitable for a range of culinary uses. Thanks for the post.


Ruth Smolinski

Thank you for the interesting article. As the peppers increase in color, does the spicy flavor increase, as well?

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