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September 03, 2010


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george white

Isn't it true that for the majority of people the right amount of cholesterol is produced by the body; and in general if we don't introduce excess amounts from outside then we should not suffer from an excess. So does it follow then that following a good cholesterol diet plan should be enough to keep high cholesterol problems at bay.
This is not meant as a statement, more as a question.


Cholesterol in the body can cause various diseases. High cholesterol is not only experienced by one who was fat, but people are skinny does not mean low cholesterol. It can also befall the people who are still young. Everyone should try to live a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the cholesterol in the blood remained normal.

Mrs. Mobunny

I saved the unopened envelope that enclosed the *card* to get a free or $$ off of the TV change over gadget. I collect and save numerous objects that are old and actually use them. From dishes and curtains to decorations and doilies....I use them all over our house. I prefer old things, so it is easy for me to keep things around....I honestly see treasure when others see junk. I use handkerchiefs from the 50's, serving spoons from my grandma and a nut chopper just like my mom! I also have one of the last boxes from a Domino's pizza dessert that never got popular.

Stephen Guy-Clarke

Absolutely true Caroline when one thinks of the beginnings of public awareness with regard to Cholesterol its a far cry from what we see today.
Pick up any newspaper or magazine today and you will probably find mention of cholesterol. Our television screens and supermarket shelves are crying out with new products to combat the dangers of high cholesterol. Supermarkets like Tesco have gone one step further and decided to jump on the bandwagon and produce their own brand of cholesterol lowering products. The UK’s biggest supermarket introduced its own plant sterol containing dairy range in January 2006. ‘We’ve had so much interest in cholesterol lowering foods that we decided to launch our own range,’ said Tesco. Multinationals such as Unilever, Danone and Coca-Cola are all promoting products with added plant sterols. Everyone seems to be concerned with lowering his or her cholesterol level and most people would like to know how they can do this safely without side effects.


This is the good way to educate people. I agree with you that cholesterol has influenced our everyday lives


What a cool project, Caroline! A family member of mine, the type of person who's tried lots of different diets, once said to me "If I didn't eat all the fake stuff, I'd gain so much weight!" By "fake stuff" she meant all the substitutes and foods that make five or six health claims (low fat, high fiber, low cholesterol). I'm from a younger generation and think I'd rather eat real, organic butter in moderation than gallons of some fake yellow-ish stuff full of synthetic additives and ickiness. Will the debate over school lunch play into this exhibit at all? Controversial, indeed! Best of luck and thanks for these two great blog posts.

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