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September 08, 2010


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Back in WWII growing your own veg was a big thing, encouraged by the wartime government at the time as so much could be grown at home rather than shipped in in convoys from abroad.

Dieticians have also said that during that time UK had its best nutritional diet it has ever had.

Food for thought

Gardening Advice

If the rescession has one positive thing it is that people are going back to producing their own fruit and vegetables. As a garden centre owner I see more people buying vegetable seeds and seedlings. A lot of them though learn the hard way that is more work than they thought it might be.
The good thing about that is that people will appreciate their products much more and also their respect for the farmers producing (organic) vegetables.

 mark a white

Thanks for some memories you have brought back with this article reminding me of stories my mother used to tell me in the fifties while out helping her with the gardening

my mother used to tell me that in the 40s In the UK they called it Dig for Victory, how everyone worked in thier gardens,

All the woman working in the fields became known as the land army growing Vegitables for the war effort to feed the troops,

I learned a lot from her then about gardening how to make good compost prepare soil ready for growing Vegitables,

It`s because of my mother that I am still a keen With my gardening and still beleive in growing organicly,

There is nothing compared to the taste of freash vegitables that come in straight from the garden,


compost is the foundation of a great soil and the plants that grow in it. The veges provides better nutrition and it should be part of what is taught in schools. great to see this post


Gardening is an activity that attract and provide many benefits for us. It's true that gardening can relieve stress and make your mind refreshed. So, we don't need to seek treatment when experiencing stress, simply by doing gardening activities. :)


This year we planted a vegetable garden with our four year old twins and it was a great experience for the entire family! We harvested tomatoes, egg plants, cucumbers, bell peppers and onions. Although the quantities were small, the meals we prepared with these vegetables were something very special to the kids - and now they know that fruit and vegetableS don´t grow in the supermarket on little plastic trays!


I love the smell of fresh gardens...
And i just love the idea of having such a large outcome of produce from local small gardens


What a great way to exhibit the WWII-era Victory Gardens.

We have a front-yard organic garden here in Nashville, and it still feels like our patriotic duty to grow some of our own food right here beside our house.

I notice that in our neighborhood, we are the only ones brave enough to dig up a piece of our front yard and replace it with edible plants.

I wish I could check out the exact plants that were available for the Victory Gardens...


I would not be surprised at all to see an explosion in home gardening in the near future due to the desire to reconnect children and nature, the desire to reduce grocery and gasoline costs, and the desire for organic produce.


Wow, that's an amazing statistic about 40% of the US food supply coming from small gardens! I had no idea they were that widespread or productive.

Here in Colorado there's been a big movement towards farmers' markets/local food sourcing, but just growing your own garden seems like it would be an even better way to go.


I LOVE this idea! I am also a gardener, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Gardening is a great stress relief, as well as good exercise. Fun for some quiet time or with family, community, etc. Enjoy!
Kind regards.

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