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September 24, 2010


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Roger Holden

Many years ago, America was born with the migration of castaways from countries around the world. America is very young but the people that settled in this country brought their cultures and beliefs with them to form a very diversified set of peoples.

Some of the reasons we embrace and celebrate our independence day is because we worked so hard to acquire our freedom. We made many sacrifices and suffered many losses then earned our freedom. These feelings will stay with all of us for eternity.

Whoever wants to acquire and retain the feeling of freedom we as Americans possess, you should move to the United States or at least come and visit us on Independence Day.

Independence Day means exactly what it says and what a feeling.

Account Deleted

Amazing! Makes anyone proud of his or her American heritage...and congratulations for doing a job well done, you must have had a very interesting booth!

bb etna

This article makes me even more proud of my love for Britain


Great article!!!

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