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August 05, 2010


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I was a Boy Scout and what I really enjoyed most are the camping trips and the values that those camping trips told me. The best thing I learned is that people can live happy and comfortable lives without all the material things that we have been so used to. In fact, living a simple life means less worries and more fun! I don't mean to say that we all just camp out but that it's just to say that the best things in life are actually free.

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awesome post, I remember back then when I am in my six grade, we represent our City in a National camping at the mountain for a month, we slept in the dirt and a tapee canvas tent,we drink in a filthy water and place medicine on the water to kill the bacteria on it, the ambiance is like vietnam, our leaders let us crawl in the dirt and climb to ropes

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Boy Scout days are all remarkable... one of my favorite activity is camping. Our troop is always the first to finish when it comes to building tent. I still remember when our troop was asked to prepare dinner for some guest and it went so we’ll even if it’s our first time to cook. It is a good training ground for young people.


We did the upside-down pin thing too. The way it happened in our troop was that when you got your pin the kid was held upside down instead of the pin!


Great article about the scouts. My sons were cub scouts and we had great times camping, fishing at cub and 1s and scout camp. They learned a lot there as did I. Here's to another 100 years Scouts.

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