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August 03, 2010


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I've been a museum collections manager for 15+ years and have always overseen the library or archival collection at the institution. I'm not sure why they're separated in academia when we face and deal with many similar issues. Learning from each other is key, but how do we make that work?

Museum Snobs

Why are you so surprised by the overlap? Funny: when I apply for museum jobs or talk with museum folks, I almost always hide my MLS degree from them. But I am quite open about my previous museum work with librarians. Why is this?


Our library currently offers day passes for the local museums - you can check them out just like a book. It's something I've taken advantage of for the kids quite a few times.

Melissa Mannon

I love this! I am an archivist who works to encourage museums, libraries and archives to work together. We have much to offer each other in terms of programming, outreach, and collection management.

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