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August 17, 2010


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In todays crazy world with its frantic pace, things we buy today are outdated tomorrow--- then we come across a gem like this post, and back to a place where time seems to stand still. Thank you for this, I spent a long time here and you have lightened and old mans day.

Kate Kutny

You write very descriptive and well thought out articles. I really like your style of writing. I also enjoyed reading this book. The photos were amazing to look at as well.


I wonder espically Long Beach Island too, but i haven't seen yet...

Rolf Hindi

I agree with adrian,

you got the word and ii think the book will also be great..

thnx for sharing


I love the Jersey shore, especially Long Beach Island and Wildwood. It's a great place to take your family. I like the picture of the sailboat with the meadows. Brings back memories.

Nancy Newton

great writing and I'm sure that's a great book. I also love photography especially those from decades ago, i like the Twilight on the Meadows photo so peaceful and relaxing although it may convey a deeper meaning


Sounds like a wonderful book.
Why is it summer nowadays seems like all anticipation? I so look forward to drinking lemonade on the front porch and putting my feet up sort-of-speak, but it's much too hot so I stay in the air condition and must make myself turn off the TV. Now when a grandchild comes we have no problem reading, painting, playing games, and just talking. Last month my 7 yr old
grandson spent a week with Grandma. He never once opened up his x-box his mom packed. I took him to Vacation Bible School and he learned why the Egyptians shaved their heads and why they wore eyemakeup and he learned to play the Egyptian board game, Senet using hieroglyphs. I have MS and don't go alot but I took him to VBS and he loved it! He loves riding the tractor with Grandpa and playing with our three dogs outside. So that week was better than anticipated, come to think of it! Ha

John Clemms

good to see old pictures like that..it really bring back the old time..thanks for the post..


Awesome post, thanks for sharing those classic pictures with us

Family Life

I love the Jersey shore, especially Long Beach Island and Wildwood. It's a great place to take your family. I like the picture of the sailboat with the meadows. Brings back memories.

Ruth Cuadra

Lovely post...and so appropriate for the waning days of summer. I'm going to try to pack my few days of respite full of idle time, which is ultimate modern paradox, isn't it?

Glenn Ledbetter

Amateur or not, the husband photographer was good! My father was born in 1909. According to this post, Kodak "by then had whipped the world into a photographic frenzy with manufactured printing and developing." I had no idea Kodak was even around then. Somehow, I had imagined that that business probably burgeoned in the '20's. Another good reason to stay tuned into this blog--you learn something new every day!

Mrs. Mobunny

What a neat book to be able to look through and read. I'd love to see it!
During my short life, I am 51, I have seen vacation spots turn from 'real' places to visit, to places to 'buy' things.
To see things in 1909 now would be a real treat. I saw the Mt. Vernon gift store go from a nice homey house, to another building, then to a temporary building, then to a place to eat combined with a HUGE, very UN-homey gift store. It's all about money. Some changes are good, some are not.


Absolutely charming blog, evoking memories of summertime days for us to enjoy.

Adrian M Tattoo Designs

I just love that Twilight on the Meadows. Early 20th century amateur photography at its finest. It's pretty awesome that he developed his own negatives considering back then you would have to send the entire camera to Kodak to process the photos and they would send it back with fresh film.

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