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August 31, 2010


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Titus Lorkson

Great footage and background music ! It is a surprising mix of history (as for images) and the modern or futuristic flavor of music. Was it a choice to do some music performance live instead of just playing the recorded score ?

Kenneth Leong

Well done! the video looked great


Well kudos for Bluebrain, even if i didn't see it, i believe it was a nice footage. New York World's Fair is really a classic event that every people in New York would have an idea. I guess all that are part of of New York's History should also be re-created for new generations not just on every show in the museum but be a part of their session in school.


That footage is amazing to see. It's too bad that the world's fair isn't on this kind of scale anymore. Who knows if NY gets it in 2020, maybe it would be this grandiose.

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