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July 22, 2010


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The commercial about safe driving is very funny but very true. The reality seems so interesting that dummies are the main actor in waking the people of what is really important while driving. Car dummies supply us the basic information on what really happens on people if crashes happened or accidents occur and I think the dummies simply portray the ignorance of the people and what harms may be possible because of such thing. Wearing seatbelt is a basic preventive measure of drivers and whoever ignores it are just like dummies and only accidents can save them from total dumbness.


Yes, a clever commercial. I thought it was so easy to translate what is conveyed by the commercial. thanks for sharing

James Polk

I loved those commercials when they were on TV. My children were in their teens at the time and I thought the commercial could bolster what I had taught them about how much safer you were in a car with seatbelts than without them. The saying (you can learn a lot from a dummy) I thought was priceless. Kids still pay attention to catchy sayings and humor.

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