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June 01, 2010


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Easy Rider surely was a great Movie and Dennis Hopper a star. Made back in the days before Hollywood decided all movies needed to be over exaggerated by unrealistic stunts and actors worth.

Patricia Forbes

Some have mentioned the many dimensions of Hopper's acting. I recall seeing him portray Richard II at The Shakespeare Theater in Washington, DC. I was mostly curious to see how he did, given the quality Michael Kahn had created there in repertoire theater. His portrayal was delicious! It's wonderful to see Weingarten's composite and read your commentary. It adds a number of other dimensions for me to this unique acting presence.

Der Exilgolfer

I really like the article, thanks a lot. The picture says a lot about the person, much more than all those obituaries written in a hurry. He will be missed.
P.S. as a Golfer I like the fact, he included his clubs in the picture. Makes total sense to me.


That is great, a film that shaped the direction my life has taken


I was pretty sure I posted at your site before but perhaps it didn't go through. Any way that is a very cool picture & I appreciate the list of things in it. Dennis Hopper was a great actor & I believe a real person not plastic like so many stars.

Douglas Horman

A very appropriate image- hopefully Mr. Hopper would approve! He really was one of the greats.


I think this is the way everyone would like to be remembered and thought about. We are not what we look like or what we see in the mirror, we are our hopes and dreams, our thoughts and plans, our loves and hates. We are not perfect teeth or wrinkles.

Metzeler ME880

Easy Rider was the first movie I saw with Dennis Hopper in it and I've been a fan ever since. I agree with Mark's comment in regards to one dimensional actor's and having to judge them harshly. Dennis Hopper has definately owned most of the roles I've seen him in. Thanks for doing the research and filling us in on some things I may have never known about Dennis Hopper. Keep up the good posts.

Movie Fan

Great post. I liked his work but never really knew so much about him.

Seems like you did do a lot of research before posting this article about Mr.Hopper

Keep up the good work :)


I judge actors pretty harshly, having little time for those who can basically only play themselves.

The truly great actors seem to be few and far between, and my benchmark has always been Laurence Olivier, who could portray a wide array of characters and you may not even recognise him in the role (e.g. the Mahdi in Khartoum).

Robert de Niro would be another example, for me, and although I've barely scratched the surface of Dennis Hopper's movies, looking down the list of what he's been in on IMDB.com reminds me of quite a few that I hadn't even realised he'd been in at all (e.g. True Grit).

But whatever roles I saw him in, he was, to me at least, always convincing, and not some one-dimensional "actor" who always plays the same parts (i.e. themselves).

He will be missed.

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