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June 07, 2010


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Thom Noble

@ Brenda it will be very hard to compete with the first one but i have my fingers crossed

Fred M.

This takes me back. I remember my parents telling me about the amazement that they felt wen the wizard of oz came out- it was just so groundbreaking! These days, all of our special effects and 3d movies might make the "woo" seem old fashioned- and maybe it is- but it's timeless in a way that's rare.
Thanks for the explanation, it really made me see things a little bit differently!


Thanks for your explanation of Technicolor. You are right that the use of Technicolor was important to the Wizard of Oz. Let's hope that the movie remake measures up.


Oh my goodness.. how can that really be 71 years ago that The Wizard of Oz was made! I can hardly believe that. Thanks for the share on how Technicolor movies were produced.. I really didn't know that.

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