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May 04, 2010


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I cannot say went to a Chinese place on a first date, but I love eating at them.

I just wonder how bad that boiling grease would feel if it splattered on you when you drop something in it..oww!


The greatest Chinese dish is orange chicken, nice article - thanks for sharing!


I just love siomai. Siomai is one of my favorite Chinese foods aside from siopao and pancit. I just love the juicy taste so deliciously good.


I heard that where I live, what is considered as Chinese food, is actually a lot different from what people in China eat. I guess the restaurants all over the world have adapted to the habits of the country they are established in.


My favorite Chinese dish is orange chicken, this post makes me want some.


I love chinese food! My favorite is chop suey chow mein, fried rice and pork ribs with honey peach.

pat-brighton photographer

The best Chinese restaurants I find are those which specialize in authentic regional dishes, cooked by a chef who really knows the ingredients and techniques from the region. "Generic" Chinese food is all so delicious my favorite is The Rice Bowl in the heart of Le Joya, Cal. Hope its still there! Happy memories of a first date with the lady who went on to be my wife in 1990!

Lee Samui

I love Chinese restaurants , and the food..

Disc Jockey Service

I used to be a DJ and once did a wedding in Oakland, CA at a Chinese restaurant. The bride was Chinese and the groom was Mexican. They did a traditional Chinese dinner, and I'd never before expierience real Chinese meal. It was 7 courses, with the rice being served near the end! It was very enjoyable, but I had to keep asking "What's this thing?"


My aunt owned a Chinese restaurant in Philly's Chinatown. I loved visiting, grabbing sodas, socializing with the staff, and eating the delicious food. She specialized in Chaozhou noodle bowls and my ultimate favorite, Chaozhou fried shrimp rolls!!

Karen Z.

When I was on a class trip to China about four years ago many of our meals were pre-arranged Chinese meals. Ninety-five percent of those meals included sweet and sour pork or chicken, a variation of egg drop soup, processed white rice, and a selection of vegetable dishes you would find in any Chinese restaurant in the U.S. After returning to the U.S., it was three months before I could even smell "Chinese" food again.



Nice article. My favorite Chinese restaurant is China Star in Fairfax.
This is different and a little more special than your average American Chinese restaurant. They have the standard Maine to California Chinese menu, but they also have an authentic Sichuan (Szechuan) menu with almost 80 dishes that cannot be found at the majority of Chinese restaurants. I recommend this restaurant to those who want to try something new. Start with the Szechuan Chili Fish - it is a favorite amongst my family and friends.



When James Beard was a child, his mother ran a small hotel and loved food, a trait that she passed on to her son. They employed a Chinese cook, so young James ate a lot of Chinese food; he said later, "The Chinese have the perfect palate."


Love this post...and Ma Po Tofu is possibly one of the most delicious dishes EVER.


Sesame chicken is so good! That is TOTALLY my favorite!


I went to a Chinese wedding this weekend in Gaithersburg, MD, and enjoyed 9 or 10 different dishes. The couple getting married were immigrants from Southern China who both spoke Cantonese, but the wedding itself was in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. I imagine the wedding's menu was also a cultural melting pot!

My favorite dish was the shrimp (fried) with walnuts and broccoli in a white sauce. But the shark fin soup was definitely the most polarizing dish at the banquet!

Steven Depolo

This is awesome! Chinese food in the U.S. is such an interesting topic. Steven

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