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May 11, 2010


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"If music be food for the soul, play on" So said William Shakespeare. I honestly think he meant "Sing On". Nothing beats live music and in particular, acapella music has a long and deep history. I wish I had watched this one in person.

San Diego

the song tells about the history of our country and tells about people fighting for their freedom and rights

Tod Ramon

Music is such a wonderful thing. Not only can it make a single person feel uplifted but it can also have the same effect on a whole nation and what an honor it would have been for these musicians and singers to sing at the white house for an occasion like this. Would have loved to have been there :-)

Angus Godwin

I wish I could have been present for the performance of Sing for Freedom at the White House. It must have been thrilling for the performers, as it must have been for the members of the First Family and their guests, especially since they sang songs that were instrumental in inspiring the American people to make changes which have resulted in having the first African American to be elected as our President.

As a professional singer who has performed in forty seven of the contiguous United States and in four provinces of Canada, I can vouch for how music inspires and brings people together. People everywhere love music, for it is truly an International Language.

Debbie Thor

These songs have such a rich history in our country and need to be heard. Music is a universal language which can be used to connect people with our past. Thank you for keeping that memory alive.

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