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May 05, 2010


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Katty Hans

Magaritas have indeed become extrmely popular. It is very interesting to know the history behind frozen magaritas.


Even though it was the first one invented, it looks so brand new and it is even shiny. That's what you call the power of science!


Excellent and informative article on the history of the margarita and the machine behind it. I'd be interested in how technology will continue to change and improve it as the years go by. -Thanks Again


I think this a good example of new inventions come out of need, of American creativity, and how the US is a blend of different cultures that enrich a great nation´s history.

Jonathan Cardoza

It's amazing how popular magaritas have become. There was study in Times Magazine that that in 2000, the number of magaritas sold in the US was estimated to be around 800 million. All from a plant/flower called blue agave, which takes almost 12 years for it be cultivated.

Esther Cervantes

I love Robb Walsh's telling of Martinez's tale in The Tex-Mex Cookbook. I'm glad the Smithsonian has the machine, and I love your blog.

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