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April 22, 2010


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Sharon JohnsonWright

My aunt (Nova Lee Magee) was a trumpet player for the band in the forties. She attended the Pineywoods School.I have the book mentioned above. I got it at the american jazz museum in kansas city. Great history


You know, one thing I find interesting is the way that your article applies to each individual music genre. For instance with rock it was all about the men. Then Janis Joplin came along. Same thing with Rap, it was dominated by men, but now the trend has started to change.

Ron Worthy

Thanks for the education...

I'm a music educator and I've never heard of the Sweethearts of Rhythm.

I will share this information with my students.


This is a very interesting article about women in music and how the sweethearts in rhythm develop. It's very interesting. I myself am a woman too developing my talent in the music area. We really can contribute a lot if we dig deep into our talents.


Great article; I will have to track down that book.


Nice post, and interesting topic. It sounds like the Sweethearts knew ALL colors, and embraced each and every one.

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