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April 29, 2010


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Rechtsanwalt Koeln

In the northern African cities people go back to cool their houses by wind towers, because they are more efficient and cheaper than air-conditioning systems.


Thank you for this post. I am extremely interested in eco-friendly options for both heating and cooling. One question does come to mind though in these examples. Though I find both of them as viable options, I think that one of the biggest problems with either of these solutions is the complaints of surrounding neighbors who will complain about wind tunnels and wind farms as eyesores. Living here in Phoenix Arizona, the outcries of don't build that near me has already been heard. This despite the fact we all recognize alternative sources of energy are desperately needed.

Thanks again,
Jo Chris

Johnny B

My family and I live in a southern climate (NC/SC border) and I would love to see somebody integrate an underground passive cooling system with a superinsulated building such as straw bale. There would need to be a formula to correlate the necessary underground cubic feet of air that does the cooling with the cubic feet of air above ground that needs to be cooled. Alot of my business at has gone from residential to commercial/ industrial/ educational which tells me that central heating and cooling may be less important that it once was.

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