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March 25, 2010


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Mike Collings

So lasers are here to stay, I get it.

But whats the next step? We know that laser guns are not going to work in our atmosphere and light-sabers are not a workable option. So do you think that we will ever be the position of real hardcore portable weapons?

Im a surgeon and use lasers almost daily. They are really great at killing cells and keeping everything localized on one very small space.

Is there any new rays we should be aware of?


Nowadays, you can even use lasers to correct hair loss, eye problems and even used for surgical procedures! What development!


I want my own lightsabre!

Any invention that can be used for both eye surgery and hemorrhoids is a great one!


Great post, the only thing I truly knew about lasers before reading this was what the L and the A stood for in the acronym.

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