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February 02, 2010


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Gina Istatica

Jackie Kennedy always had a great sense of style and fashion. Her jewelery selection is timeless and classic. I'm sure the jewelry inspired by her offered at the store will be just as dazzling.


I can't wait to visit. Have been looking online for places to go and this definitely caught my eye!

Definitely want to get that cook book. :)


"Everyone looks chic in Jackie Kennedy’s sunglasses and elegant in her triple strand of pearls"
I must say this includes Michelle Obama. She ups the ante a bit though with a more eclectic collection of pearl jewelry.


I'm impressed by many of the fine and unique items you offer. I look forward to visiting you when I'm in town again. But one thing I can't wait to try is the freeze dried ice cream. -Cheers


I'm glad to see you've included custom embroidered pieces in this collection. Great embroidery is a true craft.

Enjoyed the post. Thanks.


With those kind of souvenirs, even if it's pricey who couldn't resist to buy one. And if I were there I will be surely interested with your Regional Cuisine Cook Books. I love cooking and for sure it will be a great help to me in discovering and learning new dishes.

And of course, a bottle of water will be part of my list, as you have said, keeping your self hydrated is very important.

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