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February 23, 2010


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Marshall Nirenberg was lucky that he had lived in these days. Nowadays such people could not reach the same results, because there is so much business and financial interests in big science. Just a fresh example - Craig Venter!

Daniel Stoica

Yes John, if only Tax Payers would have a choice where and how their Tax Dollars are spent!

Until then, we give our Taxes to the government and our donations to the causes dear to us!

John Peters

The other big contributors to cracking the genetic code including the Nobel Prize winners Crick and Watson, were also funded by 'non-private' money in that they both contributed through University funding in the UK. It's great to see Tax payers money being used for the benefit of the population at large, rather than being hidden and exploited for the benefit of a few in large private companies like the Pharma industry.

Unfortunately with the current state of the world economy money for research whether in DNA or in other imporant areas, that could improve human life, is hard to come by and everyone wants to know what the likely return on invesment is before putting money into a project.

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