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January 07, 2010


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Recent Earthquake

Recent Earthquakes has lots of information on the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. None of the photos are in color. Ives was certainly ahead of his time. We would love to find a few of these photos, so please post something at http://recentearthquakes.net if you have an idea where copies exist.

Great article, and first we've seen of the SF earthquake pictures in color.

Belajar Fotografi

According to the info that I know of color photographs has been around since 1861, James Clerk Maxwell is the first person to introduce him.

Paul Osborn

I went to San Fransico in 2008, the experience in being there really made me interested in the earth quake. The photos in color (above) are an absolute breakthrough.

Is there any more color photos from the quake available?

Captain Kimo

It's amazing to see a color photo from that time period. The photo itself looks rather clear too!


Another famous example of early days color photography:

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