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December 14, 2009


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Wow! I've always wanted baking my own bread but I'm afraid that I'll just ruin it. I love the smell of freshly baked bread. This is really inspiring. Go Team Julia!

Lovely Denver

Kids will even appreciate this food, and ask for it! Once you get comfortable with her book you'll see the recipes are mostly easy to do, and if you like a challenge there are some that are a bit more difficult. A lot of thought went into and each recipe it contains. The illustrations take you by the hand and walk you through easily.

David Jones

Dear Team Julia,

My name is David and I stumbled on this site by accident. However, being a fan of Julia Child, and more importantly of French cuisine, I decided to read through the entire post. Wow! I was so impressed by what you ladies did that my wife and I decided to host our own Julia Child French Bread Challenge! My wife and I are both a disaster in the kitchen but we thought that with the help of some friends maybe we would have a chance. We went all out with the French theme: French wines, French cheeses, a charcuterie plate, the whole deal. We spent all afternoon following your instructions however with little success. We got so carried away having fun that we accidentally burned the baguettes! Nevertheless, I just wanted to thank you for inspiring such a fun afternoon! It’s a shame that this was your last post of the series, however, I hope you reconsider so that we may have an excuse to host yet another Julia Child Challenge.

George Armstrong

By the way, now I use a bread machine to do the hard part! Works just as well, before the proving part.

George Armstrong

I'd been making bread just like Julia's for years and now that I see her recipe, it's virtually identical. It's always reliable.

Stan the Einkorn Food Guy

Thank you for including specific instructions and such helpful pictures on this bread recipe. I'm going to try it using einkorn grain flour...it's not gluten free but is more tolerable to those sensitive to gluten. I think it's fine enough in flour form to work quite well. By the way, the simulated bakers oven idea was quite clever ;) Thanks again!


My mother wants to thank you for the recipe. It turned out very well.

James Morrison

wow, that's just how my mom and grandma used to do it! except, i always wanted it with a honey coat or sprinkled with sweet toppings! great job, i wish i could bake..

Karen Talamantez

My bread is on its final rise before shaping, then a final rise before going into the oven. Thank you for the series. I will miss it.

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