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December 03, 2009


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Can you imagine. When i was in DC in 2007, the museum was closed for repairing.. Instead i had to go to Indian Museum

John Groom

Jersey barriers have been around for such a long time and I'm sure were a welcome addition to the security measures used to protect these areas. When I saw them a few years back as a decorative concrete professional I could not help but wonder if they could not have been a slight bit more presentable if a concrete stain had been used on them or at least a color added when they were poured.

As we all know after a while old concrete doesn't doesn't look that good. Color could have been one option and also a sealer may have been used that could have been reapplied every couple of 5-7 years to help the finish endure.

I'm glad I came across this post as that always bugged me as I love to walk through Washington every few years and remind myself how blessed I am to live here.

security services brisbane

Beyer Blinder Belle have done an amazing job of keeping the open look and feel of the area and at the same time providing security around the museum.

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