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November 12, 2009


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Mike Jones

I currently Study in Australia and am learning about American history in relation to innovation and invention. The Bell labs are remarkable and I can't wait to come and visit in July and check out Bell labs along with other historic landmarks in American History.

Peter Armenti

I've been to Holmdel before.. my friends father used to work there so we passed it on our way somewhere. Wasn't so overrun at the time. Shame.


As noted everyone must check out the video as it is really interesting how the labs were constructed- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3BbfdIKz6k It is amazing how much invention took place all under one roof of the Bell Labs. There is too much history and to not support the cause of preserving this amazing laboratory.

Jim Craig

The razing of what was arguably our nation's greatest think-tank is very disturbing. Though I am in the construction industry these days, when I studied Physics at Columbia University in the '90s, many of may professors split their time at Bell Labs -- it was a special place. I fear that we might be turning away from the innovation which fueled our country's growth in the last century.

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