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November 16, 2009


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THAT WAS AMAZING! I just Cooked it Preparing for New Years and had a sneak preview. Julias child Must have been an amazing cook indeed. Luckily im prepared for gained weight, Bought my Crazy Fit Machine, Got My treadmills out, My sweat pants and im ready for a food packed new years.


Love the post not only an interesting recipe that I'm dying to try, but how nice to see Julia's influence in kitchen still reaching out to touch us.

I'll add this to my repertoire of honey recipes, the fresh honey from my beekeeping hive will make this even more delicious.


That bread looks fantastic. Rye flour and ground almonds sound like it would be really interesting to try in this bread.

Stan the Einkorn Food Guy

I love the intricate detail behind the recipes...the little steps you would never think of. It seems to give the food so much more flavor. Crafter, I don't know if you dare try it without them!


I agree with Tim Douglass. I've also always loved Julia's cooking. The pictures look so good!


The picture looks wonderful! I have always enjoyed Julia's cooking. This recipe, like most of hers looks pretty involved. Has anyone tried shortcuts and still had the same results?

Tim Douglass

Whats awesome about this recipe is you can completely change the taste of the cake by altering the type of honey used! May I suggest sourwood honey? One of my favorites!


Sounds amazing! I can almost smell it just by looking at the picture!

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