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November 30, 2009


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Flourless cake? That's fantastic! I keep looking for alternative recipes to wheat-intensive ones.


There is no doubt that Julia Child taught many women to love being in the kitchen with her infectious manner.

I love the photo you included of you in the kitchen at a young age.

Woodstock Candy Lady

I love anything chocolate! I used to make a flourless chocolate almond torte that was one layer and quite dense. This looks much lighter, and it's two layers of pure goodness! I can't wait to make it. Thank you, and thanks to Julia Child for her inspiration.

Tara Cole

So pleased to find this site, great information and real recipe reviews. Julia Child was an amazing woman, fantastic a new generation is discovering her work. Love the chocolate cake!


What a great tribute to Julia Child.

Kathy Howe

Julia Child is the most famous cook of our time. Her influence has been worldwide. I watched so many of her cooking shows on television when I was just a child. She has inspired so many people and deserves this recognition.


I made this cake, too! This cake is perfect for Passover. I made it dairy-free with margarine and used Kosher for Passover liqueur.


From the picture, you'd never know there wasn't flour in it. And I'm sure that the chocolate and orange ganache would make a great dessert just by itself. I'm inspired!

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