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November 10, 2009


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Daniel Lutz

I've always been somewhat of a history buff, well more of an aspiring buff to be honest. I'm certainly no expert any specific time period, though I pick up and learn whatever I can if the opportunity arises. Old and ancient currency has always been of great interest to me, I've collected quite a few coins in my travels. Though my favorite in my collection is a tarnished 1730's real I stumbled upon in Guatemala. Doubt it's worth much, though I'd never even consider selling it. Whenever I hold it in my hands, I simply get lost in thought about it's history, it's life really; all the people who have held it, all the lives it may or may not have effected. It's really like a connection to another world.

Stevan (down the hall by the printer)

Richard is a great story-teller, even when he's just passing along the "direct testimony" from the collections. Maybe the next time he brings material out of the Vaults, we can set up the camera-and-monitor arrangement used when the Lincoln pocket watch was opened... :-)

Thank you for blogging, Sue.

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