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November 26, 2009


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Jan gillum

My son had often heard us talking about our roots and that his great grandmother's family settled in Missouri. When he was in grade school and learning about Pilgrims, he came home and asked us, "Are we Pilgrims or hillbillies?" After the laughter, we decided we were Pilbillies as we could also trace our families back to England too. He seemed to like that answer.

One of the Perrys of Ptown

This photo is of a gentleman reenacting the historic role of Town Crier, and he's certainly not a poseur. Note the large bell in his right hand. Town Criers were standard equipment in the towns of New England. Until comparatively recently, Provincetown did employ Town Criers -- in period dress -- whose job and function was to proclaim real-time, pertinent announcements to those going about in the town square, the commons, and in commercial areas of town. Day or night the Town Crier would be seen in the streets of the town. At appropriate intervals, he would ring the bell, proclaim "Oye! Oye!" or "Hear ye! Hear ye!" and then at high volume, proceed with his announcements. It is no surprise, therefore, that this gentleman would be holding a current newspaper in order to apprise the town's residents of current events.


Thanks for giving us something calorie-free to chew on! So important to take multiple views on history!

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