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October 14, 2009


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Hi its' my first time to encounter the word Steampunk. My friend says Steampunk is often associated with cyberpunk. They have considerable influence on each other and share a similar fan base, but steampunk developed as a separate movement. Apart from time period and level of technology, the main difference is that steampunk settings tend to be less dystopian.


It's a shame that such grand culture is embodied in such terrible movies as Wild Wild West and Van Helsing.

Joana White

That graphophone reminds me of the song "glommy sunday". :) And yes, you ain't a bad steampunk, I doubt it to be myself though! lol

Lanny Camden

At my age I find the museum especially historical and technological the candy store of wonder. The national Museum of American history should be a requirement for all of our citizens.

America has lead the way in so many innovations that we cannot forget that we also need to set the example in ethics and morals so that our children visiting these places can take greater pride in being an American.

This is a great blog for the list of blogs to visit.


I saw that graphophone. That was really great. Thanks.


The first time I heard of steampunk was when I came across this awesome steampunk teapot (http://teafinelybrewed.com/blog/steampunk-teapot/). Very cool stuff. If I lived anywhere near the museum, I'd be there in a flash!

John Douglas

Steampunk! LOL wonderful, never heard that one before . As a guy who has always loved the Victorian aesthetic himself and has dedicated a lot of his life to its promotion, I salute you and you blog. Great work to be found here: Thanks from KG


The craftsmanship of that era is really amazing. The steampunk aesthetic of merging function and art is something we really miss in our day-to-day encounters with material culture. Cool blog.

Angela Hall

Thanks for this overview. Really enjoy your writing style. I love the term steampunk though it's a new one for me. I'll have to investigate.


As a fanatic of the Steampunk aesthetic myself, antiques and museums are a huge inspiration...the care and craftsmanship that have gone into the mechanisms of this era are astounding. I think another major part of the appeal for me is being able to tinker around and understand the principles of how these devices work, you can see how everything connects, where as the digital confounds me!

Tamahome Jenkins

It's a shame that such grand culture is embodied in such terrible movies as Wild Wild West and Van Helsing.

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