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September 08, 2009


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Rod P

Thanks for this great recipe I've had to adjust my diet and most food is so bland with it but this is ok for me to eat. It has so much flavor. But I did have to use smaller amounts of some ingredients.


When I was a kid, it was often my job to make the salad dressing, a simple vinegar-and-oil thing...it surprises me how many people don't have any idea how simple it is. I understand liking a particular brand or the convenience of it, but I'm always surprised when people don't realize that oil and vinegar dressing isn't mysterious or complicated.

As far as ratios, I like mine tart, but sometimes I get carried away. And it also depends on the other flavors. If there's more going on than just oil and vinegar, it can afford to be a lot less tart.

Steve Robbins

I love this, my girlfriend and I tried this yesterday and it tasted so good. not only that it was also easy to do and looks very appetizing


Julia Child has always been such an inspiration to me. I wish I could cook like her.

I'm still young and learning though. I did a small cooking course in a Grenada hotel. We learnt a very basic Vinaigrette . I never managed to get it right though.

I wonder if I will have more luck with this recipe! Thanks for reminding me.


Can't believe my mother had the same accessory! Great recipe!


romaine lettuce, spinach, steamed brocooli spring onions, red pepper, tomato, cucumber, walnuts, two poached eggs, himilayan salt + a dash of pepper. Add the vinegar and it tastes great!

George Armstrong

It's interesting that Julia used as much Dijon as vinegar. It seems to me that starts to take it further into a mustard dressing and away from a vinaigrette, but who are you going to trust - Julia or me?


Looks like a great recipe i will have to give this one a try. Thanks!

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