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September 14, 2009


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Sikaal Vrenssen

To make this recipe even 'easier' and a bit less expensive you can also substitute the turkey for chicken. I love chicken and it feeds my family within our budget.


Hi Jack, drippings are ok in moderation & they are very tasty!!


Just wondering about the drippings since it is common in French cooking, isn't it unhealthy? I mean when you collect drippings from meat and other foods high in fat.
That dish looks delish though

Ashley Madison

I really miss julia childs on tv. I grew up with her and loved the way she cooked and talked. Marvelous women and chef. And this turkey looks mighty tasty.


I love how you're collecting drippings for making stock. All those little bits from hear and there really add up to a lot of flavor. I do the same thing. I recently saved the pan drippings from some roast chicken and put it in the fridge. Now I am using the fat on top for greasing the pan for my morning scrambled eggs.


The recent movie "Julia" has sparked an interest in French culinary delights. Preparing food is just so simple the way Julia Child explains even for those who don't cook. Since Julia's time we have discovered how olive oil leads to lower blood fat levels. It appears to have greater heart-health benefits compared to butter, so we omitted this ingredient. We chime in with your cardiologist and were delighted to see the glass of chardonnay complementing Turkey Orloff.

Amanda Yang

Just tried this recipe yesterday, my hubby loved it. I tried it with chicken instead of turkey, came out beautifully. Thanks from the heart for this lovely recipe.

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