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September 28, 2009


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Julia is an icon within the cooking community. Love her querky personality and individuality. Not a huge fish eater but the butter and lemon always smooth it out for me.


Man!! I am hungry now. I felt like eating fish earlier and seeing the prepared dish, I now have to go out and get some. I will be trying that recipe at a later date. Thanks for sharing.


One way that has worked for me to prevent overcooking, is to pull it out slightly before it's done. In order to retain its moisture, fish needs to be cooked quickly over high heat grilling, broiling, or it needs to be cooked with liquid. I will definitely try lemon sole like you explained.


I shouldn't be reading your blog so early in the morning because I'm starving and your pictures are making my mouth water. No, I don't want fish for breakfast, but it just looks wonderful!!

John Daniel

I remember watching Julia Child on PBS when I was child. I always enjoyed her show and it inspired a life-long love of cooking. Now I have to dig out my old cookbook and look up an old favorite.


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