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September 21, 2009


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Jayne Pleysier

I loved your story and the way which you have documented every step. This recipe looks absolutely yummy and it is amazing how much butter they absorbed. Have made this again? PS - great idea for the knives!


Plenty of people have said they prefer this over most mushroom recipes so I suggest I give it a try!.


The knives at the top seemed threatening but all well that ends well ...


This looks DELICIOUS, and quite simple to make (compared to other Julia Child recipes!) Will definitely try at home :)


I really need to try this..looks tasty and easy. I had thought I wouldn't find anything in Julia's Mastering the Art for a vegetarian but now I'll have to borrow the copy I bought for my sister.

Mr. Gourmet

Loved the article and the pictures are so appetizing. I am going to put this recipe on our menu. Thanks

Charles Alabi09

Great Post! I love mushrooms! I shall definitely try this recipe.



The Veggie Authority

yes! i've been searching for new recipies with mushrooms for the past few days because they make EVERY meal taste better and I need something interesting a new to try out on my friends. Just to let you know the way you have integrated the pics kept it exciting and made me want to read more and more. A lot of other sites i've just checked out have too much writing and it boars me. Anyway, sauteed mushrooms here I come!! :)

Petra Peach

I've go to admit that mushrooms are a firm favorite with me, especially when combined with garlic. As a vegetarian, they are a great source of protein too. I do like them under done though.

George Armstrong

Julia was obviously very thorough with her mushrooms! But don't they go a bit rubbery after a few minutes?

Santoku Thomas

Excellent dish! I always let the stems on myself but this is so much nicer. In the future I'll continue to do it like that.

By the way as a 'knife-freak' myself, I have to say the picture of the knives is wonderful! Would love to see more.

Tommas Johnson

This is a great way to add some 'shrooms to your plate. I substituted Saffron oil in the case of butter as I am vegetarian. One other thing you could do is add in some chopped tofu to soak up all the liquid goodies.


Oh, my, gosh! That picture of the mushrooms and noodles looks absolutely delicious!!! Definitely going to have to try this. It's good of you to showcase this recipe.

Jenner Brandonson

Julia was such an amazing person. I wish I had gotten the chance to personally try he food, as I'm sure it was something to die for.

I tried cooking some mushrooms the Julia way as well. I have got to say that I really enjoy them now. In the past my mushrooms have either had no taste, or a very strong earthly taste. Thank you for this amazing post!

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