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September 02, 2009


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Ron Ouimette

I am looking for a kit ormodel for sale of the Gondolla Philadelphia 2. Is there such a kit out there???
Ron Ouimette

Donald  o'Brien

William, odd I should stumble upon your 'puzzle' blog at this time, as the Philadelphia has always held a particular fascination for me ever since I saw it in the Museum of Sci and Ind sometime around
1982, 83 or so. I thought it was really cool that the ball that sunk her was displayed with her.
Sometime later - three or four years -
I was sitting in the back window in the re-
ception hall, across from a display of trunks used by sailors of the Charles W Morgan in Mystic, with the dramatic reading of whalers letters from sea, and something clicked in me - i've been a serious ship modler ever since.
This being said, the next time I saw Phila., I asked if there was a planset for it. As it turns out, there is. That's all I remember.
As it also turns out, there has also been written a book - 'The Gondola Philadelphia & the Battle of Lake champlain, by John R. Bratten - a comprehensive work that seems to reproduce
the planset very small, citing it as "A Graphic Representation of the Contenental
Gondola Philadelphia: American Gunboat
of 1776," Washington D. C.: Smithsonian Institution, 1982.
If you could sort of point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.
How did the puzzle go?
Donald O'Brien

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