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August 31, 2009


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Thanks for the post, a very good story indeed. Congratulations! and well done on the Coq au vin dinner. yes it can get pretty messy once you start working on the chicken.


Thanks for the post. Love Julia Child. See ya on tumblr


A heart wrenching post. It harks back to the era when cooking was more about the occassion and setting the mood than impressing your guests with your culinary overture. Like the first commenter suggests it looks like you caught a good catch.

Michael Robins

That is a wonderful story. I also enjoy cooking Julia Child recipes. Cooking really is about caring! Very true :)


Pretty amazing that Julia Child, in many ways has brought back cooking at home in the states. Good timing as well with the bad economy!

Thanks for the post, I haven't been able to master Coq au Vin as of yet!


This is a very sweet post :) Looks like you got a good catch. I got to take part in a Julia Child dinner party this last weekend and it was grand fun. I made her Poires au Gratin (pears baked with macaroons), which was very tasty, but time-intensive and also quite fattening. So I may have to pass on making any more of Julia's recipes any time soon, but I'll enjoy vicariously as you make yours.

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