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August 24, 2009


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Love this recipe. Nice work Nanci. Using the right materials, ovens, grills, and quality of food really does make a difference. Another great site for recipes is http://grilledfoodrecipes.com by the way. Anyways, thanx a lot for this wonderful article.


Nanci, finding and using the correct tools in cooking really helps to make food taste great. This Garlic Mashed Potato recipe and Potato Pancake recipe sound delicious. Also, using the clarified butter assures that the potato pancakes will not burn while making a perfect golden brown crust. Have a wonderful day!


I wish I could dig in! Now that I've moved to Japan, mashed potatoes have become a rare dish at dinner.


Here is another Julia Child related thing to do with mashed potatoes: Rustic Potato Loaves from Baking with Julia:
This bread comes together very quickly, but tastes like sourdough that was took hours to make. Just make sure that you let the bread cool thoroughly before cutting into it!

Johnny B

Thanks for all the work you put in. I just had a dinner with my family and made these potatoes. Absolutely DELICIOUS. THANK YOU

Chez US

So glad I found your site, I love that you are honoring Julia with recipes weekly. We were a featured blog on the movie's site and to help kick off the movie we made her creme brulee - fantastic! http://www.chezus.com/2009/07/27/julie-julias-food-blog-day/

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