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August 26, 2009


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love is the greatest of them all..no matter how much money we make, the cars we drive and the houses we build, its always the small things that we did to others in their time of need that bring the warmest feelings.


You are right, we don't often take photos or at least keep photos of the more challenging times, yet much of our character, both individual and societal, is created and honed during those times of challenge. Through those challenging times we learn our biggest lessons, create our strongest memories. They deserve to be passed down as part of our personal history and part of our shared history. As we tell our stories to our families and friends, and share the stories of others, we owe them a fuller picture of who we are and where we come from. Not just the joy and the celebration.

Thank you for the reminder.

Bill Dawson

Really very interesting and indeed poignant. This kind of thing makes me want to work at a museum or archive. I very much enjoy seeing original documents and photos.

Thank you for sharing it; I can see why this one stood out.


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