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August 28, 2009


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busy teacher

Hello Josh.
'Teach with passion or not teach at all', right?! One thing about teaching is that you don't see the immediate results of your work, they are very subtle and can be seen only in a few years... It's all very subject-dependent though.


Thank you for this amazing post. We found that teaching history at home has been so much easier thanks to Smithsonian's History Explorer.

We use the Calvert homeschooling curriculum. It has a good foundation of history, but we feel the need to supplement with online resources.


This was a great challenge when homeschooling my boys as well. The key, we found was engaging them in engrossing literature where they learned history without really being aware of it. Books that “raised the heartbeat” gave them a passion and ear for great literature and has served them throughout their college years.

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