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July 30, 2009


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For some reason when I was at my grandmother's funeral almost 30 years ago I took a pick out of my pocket and placed it in her coffin. I haven't thought of that for years. I was wondering if anyone has heard of a display of unique guitar or instrument cases. I am trying to put together a history of cases and have not had much success searching on-line.


Prince's guitar is definitely gorgeous.

I hadn't heard of the custom of leaving picks as tribute before. Is that a common phenomenon at guitar exhibits?

Tod Woodward

Nice article. I love the idea of leaving picks behind as a small tribute. To see them I imagine you would wonder what kind of guitar geniuses have anonymously flicked the pick. One will never know.


The yellow Prince guitar is pretty wild, but I don't think as progressive or as daring as his 'symbol' guitar. Click the above link to the exhibition, enlarge the first photo (top left photo) and there's a black and white photo of Prince with that guitar. Or...just Google it : ). There are some amazing luthiers out there.

Tom Boyd

I'd love to go and see these guitars. The yellow guitar looks so unique and stylish.


That Prince guitar is awesome! Pity we don't get to see him online that much. He has something against the internet!

guitar lessons

The yellow guitar looks so artistic.


Excellent article and just goes to prove how important music has been and continues to be throughout human history. Guitar rock (pun intended!) and always will.


Thank you for the Lemelson Center’s electric guitar exhibition online link. I'm always looking for sites to send my guitar students to. This one is definitely on my list.

Thanks, Doug

Rex Turner

As a guitar player over the years, I just simply love guitars. The variety of them. The different custom contraptions that famous guitar players will collect. Sometimes adoring fans even give the guitars to them. Can't say that I am into "praying" to them. I would have like to have seen that exhibit and was glad to get the link to the Lemelson Center website.

Thanks, Rex


Wow that's really cool. I've always loved the rickenbacker electro-hawaiian. I'd love to play one, but I'm not sure I'd go so far as praying to it!


Wow, it's stunning to see how far people would go just for guitars.

Larry J Durdines

Guitar players leave picks on graves in cemeterys and even in caskets with the dead. I have seen this done and have done this myself several times with musician friends who had passed on. I don't know if they were removed before the casket was finally closed , I hope not.

Claire Lenenski

I love this. I had this feeling when I visited the Baseball Hall of Fame for the first time, but witnessing the diehard fans in front of some of their favorite players' belongings was all the more priceless.

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