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June 23, 2009


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Sometimes kids are so interested in pop culture they feel like everything else is impeding on their time.

Stamps ARE a fabulous way to bring history and literature into a young person's life - but you might have to start subtly.

For instance, if you have a young person who is into Harry Potter, START THERE! http://www.ashleystamp.com/category/australian-stamp/

Let them start the exploration with what interests them -- and they will inadvertently learn other things, and before you know it, they're interests are expanding!

Ron Stone

Wonderful projects. It's great to see young people so involved in history. Many high school and college graduates today know very little of our history. I saw a Jay Leno video clip where he asked some really basic information to adults on the street that included several simple history questions. I could not believe the lack of knowledge. More history projects like these are needed in our schools today. Great work by these gifted students.


Thanks for the reminder that scrapbooking is a great way to preserve our history, regardless of changes in technology.


"They continued their research using a 1943 “School at War” scrapbook". I didn't realise scrapbooking had been around for so long!


I'm glad these kids got to learn about stamps, because stamp collecting is pretty cool. People think it's lame but stamps and coins are actually a lot of fun -- and you can make money doing it!


I think the kids with the "Fighting For Victory One Stamp at a Time: Buster Hill" exhibit are fabulous future interns of the Postal Museum?

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