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May 28, 2009


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Merchant Marines were heroes and should always be remembered as such! Thanks to all that served.

Jake Collins

During my 20s I worked with a "ship-based" mercy relief group. From the West Coast of Africa, to South America, the Caribbean and the States, we would always pull into port next to vessels from around the world and their commerce. Much love and respect to those that earn their living on the sea.

Thanks for the information. My grandfather was also in the Merchant Marines. I guess if he served during certain dates, he would be considered a WWII Veteran. We'll have to check into this to see if he's has been granted veteran status.

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No doubt that the Merchant Marines were heroes and should always be remembered as such!

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I love the design and style of those posters like the one depicted above. U.S. Merchant Marine War Shipping Administration, 1942.

Charlotte Reiter

My father was a Merchant Marine during WWII. He left from San Francisco aboard ship(?name) and went to Pago Pago,New Guinea Leyte,Manila and Luzon.Came home on Frances Parker.How can I find out the names of ships or ANY info?


It is astonishing in this day and age how so many people under value the jobs any of our service men and women do. It brings great sadness to me to see that any of the people who fought for us to live the lives we live today are undervalued or underapreciated. Im personally based in the UK but I am taking a trip to Washington in early 2011. Since reading this article I will now make sure to visit the museum


I love the design and style of those posters like the one depicted above. U.S. Merchant Marine War Shipping Administration, 1942.

A lot of the armed forces at the time between 1939-1945 had some great recruitement posters. I think that sort of style is coming back in fashion. We have noticed in England (UK) that it is being used more in promting tourism.

jesse mctamney

I have to go see this I am a young merchant marine and i enjoy doing my job and i want to learn all i can of what the merchant marines have done for this country i know there is a merchant marine memorial in washington dc but i can not wait to take a trip down there and to the smithsonian to salute my fallen brothers and get a tattoo to remember all them lost at sea

Midwestern Chick

My father-in-law worked in the advertising office in New York City for the Merchant Marines. I wish there was some way of finding out more about what he did there. I love the posted you have here -- I wonder if he worked on that.

Zachary Williamson

My Grandfather served in World War II and fought in the Philippines and now the ironic thing is I'm living here now for my company. When I go places I aways think "I wonder did my grandfather stand on this beach or maybe he was on this same road 60 years ago". Being here I have learned what a big part of the war this country played as well as other Asian battles against Japan. Nonetheless, this is a great article please keep em coming. Thanks!

Patricia O'Neal

My father was also a Merchant Mariner. His ship, the Lake Osweya, was sunk in Feb 1942. All we were ever told was that the ship was "lost" and all aboard were "presumed dead." We never knew ANYTHING, until recent years when we found the details posted on the internet. As a child I watched the war movies that were so popular - but there was never any mention of the Merchant Marine. I can only recall one movie that featured a Merchant Seaman. I did not realize until I was grown (and then some) just what the role of the Merchant Marine was in the war effort.

Yes, these Mariners were indeed an integral part of the war - without them there wouldn't have been a war except for the one fought on our own shores!! To all of our veterans, and most expecially to the few veteran Merchant Mariners who still survive - I salute you on this Veteran's Day. Thank you.

Bonnie Swanson

My father was also in the Merchant Marines at age 17. While undergoing chemo he wrote in a diary and talked about some places he went while in the service. A small town boy who went to Liverpool, England, Tokyo, Japan and Sydney, Australia to name some places. He was also drafted into the Army and served in the Philippines durning WWII. I am lucky to have 2 photos of him in his Merchant Marine uniforms. I never could understand if he was in the Merchant Marines how they could draft him, now I see why this was. This is a great place to see what other people know of the great men of the Merchant Marines.


No doubt that the Merchant Marines were heroes and should always be remembered as such!

Kathi Desko

My Dad was in the Merchant Marines during WWII. If they served between very specific dates and on specific duties, they are considered WWII Veterans. I will email this blog to him so he can see that there are some who recognize the huge contributions made by these men.

Linda Watson

Thanks for the information. My father was also in the Merchant Marines and it was a shock to me as I grew old enough to understand that he was NOT a veteran. We were so happy when the Merchant Marines were given veteran status. I also blogged on it this Memorial Day - http://lindamwatson.wordpress.com/2009/05/23/remembering-those-who-served/

I hope to get to Museum and see the exhibit.


Allison Tara Sundaram commented at my place about my grandfather who was a Merchant Marine. She told me about this exhibit and said, "Your grandfather sounds like he would have been quite the man to meet."

Well, one can decide that for oneself. He's 83 years old, of sound mind and lives in Wurtsboro, NY.


Great stories and pictures. Will make it a point to visit the Museum and see this, but please do not refer to the men as "Merchant Marines". We were Merchant Seamen or Mariners. Civilians doing what our nation needed and still waiting for some benefits and acknowledgement as "Veterans".

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