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April 29, 2009


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Wow, I would love to meet Ralph Baer, though I think it would be one of those moments from Wayne's World, the "we're not worthy" moments. For some reason I find it kind of sad that he doesn't play the games, but also it's weird to think if he didn't invent them we wouldn't have them today, and I don't know if technology would have advanced so much without them. It's interesting to think about.

Norma Mortenson

Do you think that twenty years from now a museum will be collecting the papers of the inventors of Farmville? I am not much of a gamer either, but I like reading about games and gamers and watching documentaries and game reviews.

DC Douglas

It's funny. I have voiced a few big characters in modern video games (RE5 and Mass Effect 2) and played these amazing games, but I'm still tickled more by my memories of playing pong! And to see the inventor playing on his invention all these years later? That's a special memory ya got there!


ok I guess I can understand that, being able to tell the story is almost as powerful as making the games. You've got to admit the wii is fun at least.

Games Up

I am a video game lover, thing is too amd more interested in making them than playing them. Is a kid tho I must have spent whole days playing ping pong on one of those machines! Thanks for the article, it brought back lot of memories.


Man, as a video game lover, I have to say we owe a lot to Ralph Baer. Thanks for the great story !

Alex Cook

As a student, avid video game player, and video game tester, I find the fact that you found your inner gamer very exciting.

Excellent article and a fantastic peek back into the history of video games!

Anthony B.

I am thankful for stories like these.It reminds me why I started working in video games.

Hearing about the pioneer of video games demonstrating how his invention worked makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

He gave so many people a fun pastime and many jobs were created because of him.

Great blog post.


Wow that Magnavox Odessy looks really cool! What a great antique game console.

Dana Allen-Greil

You can watch the full episode of "Firsts" from the "Stories from the Vaults" series on the Smithsonian Channel Web site:
To skip to the part about video games and Ralph Baer, fast forward to minute 18. Watch as host Tom Cavanagh goes one on one with Baer in a rousing game of tennis.

James Cumella

When we walk through a museum we usually never get to appreciate or experience the “process”. Your story helps give insight into this process. It helps me appreciate both the work involved in procuring materials and the excitement. It truly has to be an exhilarating experience and rewarding to known that you are an important part of the process of providing the world access to history and allowing us to recognize the value of these artifacts in a new light. Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm.


very good read and intresting, thanks for this.

Shirley Muraca

What a wonderful story of how information is collected and saved for curious minds and than put into another creative way for all of us to appreciate again.

Thank you for this!

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