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April 28, 2009


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CR Hays

What a nice article. It is true, sometimes the very small things around us mean so much. It may not be as important, but I have a movie ticket stub in my drawer. The stub represents the one and only time I watched a movie with all my daughters at once. I'm going to start looking for more small things.


I love hearing stories like yours about your baby's ultrasound showing you so many things and how excited you were about it. I am a sonographer. My duties include preparing patients for these procedures including taking medical histories, operating the equipment and recording necessary images, and working with doctors. I advise anyone thinking about this career to go for it. It is amazing.

James Kaka

It's the little things we should not ignore because of the little things that sometimes give such a huge benefit. As described above was an example of ultrasound equipment. This tool is so useful once to see the fetus in the womb of the mother who was pregnant. Thanks

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