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April 13, 2009


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Tom Ellis

My daughter is 24 and has Down Syndrome, and AFHV is her favorite show. She is even happy to watch reruns. My wife and I enjoy watching with her, it is truly a show for all age groups. And just maybe, one day we'll submit a video that wins a prize!

Andrew Francis

We still get this show playing where I am, I really enjoy the animal videos the most, the baby videos are pretty good too.

It is interesting that some things are just timelessly funny and will continue to be funny in to the future.

I have never sent a video in but enjoy watching the show.

John Smith

Its always good to laugh at yourself. If not then what are you able to laugh at and keep yourself going all day long.

These shows never get old and we all like laughing at other peoples expenses whether we like to admit it or not

Phil Steele

What I find really exciting about video now is the technological leap that allows anyone with a DSLR camera to shoot professional-looking videos with Hollywood quality. No longer will we have to laugh at precocious babies and skiiing squirrels in grainy, low-def images. Now we have have our laughs and high-resolution, too.

James London-DeVaher

AFHV was a true original. Like candid camera, it is a classic.

I don't think it is near as good now -- because it seems that all of the videos are set up and not random.

A victim of it's own success I suppose.

Here in the U.K. we also had a similar show called "You've Been Framed" hosted by a very funny British show host called Jeremy Beadle. The show also ran through the eighties and still has re-runs today. Although Jeremy is no longer with us the show will remain in British cult show status. The format was very similar with weddings particularly featuring very prominently. Check it out or search on Google.


Yeah, why did they have to spoil it with animals?


Isn't it funny how this particular show, “America’s Funniest Home Videos” actually never gets old. Even though usually we are watching very low quality shots, shaky camera movement and terrible sound,... it still gets you laughing.
I still love that show and every time I catch it, it's always something new.

Gary Stenzel

I still watch reruns of AFHV, some I remember but I've seen so many episodes that it's like watching for the first time.
My grandma had one of those huge video cameras. We never got anything funny enough to send in.

Weird News

Thank you for a refreshing trip to the past. I think laughter should play center stage on all media. Every newspaper or news channel is filled all bad reports, there really should be a law against the display of such depressing things on TV and news. In one way I feel the web has helped open doors to other nations and bridge gaps by sharing laughter and smiles. The old saying "laughter is the best medicine" it really is.

I see from the work we do on newsweird that laughter and sharing funny stories brings together people from all over the world. Then tactfully convey funny with subtle eye openers that causes the readers to return again and again.

Having contact to the outside and seeing we are not all as bad as some dictators lead them to believe has a much stronger affect than any propaganda could ever have.

Video Lucu

wow, I miss with this program, for me this is a pioneer, a great host, a variety of videos. i really miss that. :)


The healing power of laughter is something that should never be underestimated and is something that we should all strive to achieve at least once a day.

It is contagious as if someone walks past and smiles, it brightens up our day also, and, it is said to keep people feeling younger.

Good article and also some good points :)


A funny video clip montage?... For some reason I can't resist clicking the play button, no matter what I have to do. Ha.

I liked the kid who said he never wanted to grow up. ;)

Also, it is nuts how far technology has come... I just bought a terabyte backup drive for my computer and its about as big as my wallet. Goodness.


To laugh at sorrow or anger, but a way of emptying it is not known exactly why this is. We all doubt ourselves feel better after you're laughing. As tensions rose in the body, loss of muscular control is reduced to the point where we can fall from the chair, or in many cases we can not keep.

To laugh in social relationships may seem to share the happiness of expression, but it is not always bliss. Our boss made us a joke (very funny if not) tend to laugh. Against that power will always see the smiling faces.

Against dangers that may come too nervous to laugh out loud may be a reaction. In a fight between two people in a game when the powerful oppress the weak to laugh. So laugh, it could be an indication of power and aggression. When people laugh at the facial expression was happy, but everybody understands the emotions behind his facial expression and the relationship between psychologists and even still they can not fully explain.

Mercen S

I watch the AFHV show more in my 30's than ever..Its simple humor and frankly it's a cheap laugh.. I love the show..and I love digging through You Tube to find ones I miss..


I remember this as a family activity. and "you've been framed!", the uk version of america's funniest home videos was amazing and its still amazing today although the internet phenomenom has cattapulted people to stardom and somewhat closed the door on the home video tv shows.

Emmie W

User generated funny stories are still king on the modern web. Maybe not so much on TV shows anymore but you see it on websites where users submit their funny or weird content to be voted on and displayed. This model will last even if it isn't in the form of tv.

Mark Sutherland

Thanks for a blast from the past! My family also grew up watching the show and I have very fond memories of laughing with my brothers. It would be one of the only times when we sat together and laughed. I also remember our first video camera and it was very large and cumbersome! Thanks for bringing back fond and happy memories!

McKenna James

America's Funniest Home Videos has always been one of my favorite TV shows. I remember our whole family sitting around the television and laughing and laughing!
It's too bad there are not more shows like that. It seems like most of the younger people now would rather watch TV shows that are full of violence.

Deb C

I love AFV and Tom, seeing as he is from my home town of Haverhill, Massachusetts! We actually have a section in our newspaper called the Bergeron Report I especially love the wedding bloopers as my business is in wedding photography.

Thina Doukas

Funny you say that. Funny video competition is played in Australia weekly. I can honestly say many of the videos are so staged that they are dangerous and are not funny at all. Best videos are the ones captured when you least expect it.

Wedding Planner

I wish there were more shows like this one. Cheesy, yes, but good wholesome fun.

The wedding videos are my favorite. I wish they would resurrect the show.


AFHV is the best old show. It was best when Bob Sagget (aka cheezy mc cheezy) However those shows are they best now lol


AFHV is a hysterical show - much better with the current host - but one of the best things about the show is that I can watch it with my 3 kids and laugh together with them. It has truly become a family experience in our home.

Not many shows like that these days.


Dr Ron Marek

You know, there is actually NOTHING FUNNIER than AFHV. Who ever came up with that concept is a genius. Here is why, the show had VERY little production costs since its viewers sent in their little fiascos and then the show just had to broadcast them.

My son (age 15 now) has been watching the show ever since he was born. Even now he very rarely misses an episode.


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