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April 07, 2009


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Wow, what a great idea about educating the public on what the National Museum of American History is all about. Now, that's what I call utilizing the most current means of education by reaching out to social media sites as a means to inform the public about all the wonderful things you share inside. Museums do not have to be boring and mundane as most kids might believe. By using this great social media tactic, I'm sure you have engaged a lot more people to check out the museum and be in-the-know about the history of America. The fact that it is free of charge to me is priceless! Kudos to you NMAH


I so remember that “25 Random Things about Me” phenomenon that was hot facebook for awhile. Very cool read and peeked my curiosity as to what you have on display at the museum. I have not been there before but will be in town in a couple weeks..this post is in my head now so will take in a visit.

Cyri Wylde

The 18th-century silver milk creamer announced to have been recently acquired is exquisite and quite apropos in our current place in history.

Mechelle Hartman

Fun and interesting blog to read. I enjoyed it!! Thankyou.

Laura Ramsay

This is awesome.

Our museums here in Scotland are good, but this dwarves anything we can offer.

Although we did have a stormtrooper costume at one time in Kelvin Art Gallery in Glasgow :D

Unfortunately, it looks like the government is taking away free entry to these sites in our country. Darned recession.


Thanks for providing those helpful links! I'm a museum lover and i wanna visit National Museum of American History. You have a very informative article and i would love reading more of your blogs!


@penge, C-3PO is a robot from the movie Star Wars. You can read more about him here: http://americanhistory.si.edu/exhibitions/small_exhibition.cfm?key=1267&exkey=143&pagekey=216


What is C3PO?


Hey Museum,

Thank you for the list. Your kitchen is amazing (#7), but I don't think it is big enough to feed 42,000 guests (#22). And where did they all sleep?

Seriously -- this was great fun. Especially following all the links to see what you were talking about.

Thank you.



There are so many crazy things that people do and collect. I love how unique our views of what we deem as valuable are. I collect comic books and they are worth a small mint!


I'm traveling to the States from New Zealand in a couple of weeks and this is definitely on the agenda. C3PO, being a start wars fan,is almost iconic to this genre of cinematography.

John Mericle M.D. D.A.B.R.

I haven't been there since 1977. I would love to visit again to see all that is new.


That is wonderful. I definitely need to make it a priority to go see the National Museum of American History. Very educational!

Wonder if they come to life at night ;-)


I agree with Vladimir....I love the locomotive. The color is so neat. I wonder if there is any chance they will fire it up any time in the future?


The first thing that I’m going to look at when I visit you personally is the “The Price of Freedom: Americans at War”. It has a big significance to me since I came from a family of military men dating from my great grandfather. It will be a thrilling experience knowing the history of my ancestors. Also, I hope I can take a picture on George Washington’s sword, which I bet looks cool. By the way, I love all of those 25 things about you.


My favorite is the John Bull steam locomotive, which i understand, was fired up at the Smithsonian sometime in the early 1980's. Would loved to have been there for that.

Vladimir Hristov

SparkLAb seems such a nice idea. Such a pitty noone is really investing time and money into lighting the Spark in children in my country. We have so many talented bright little ones.. btw the country is Bulgaria .. a country that have been snatching the gold medals in the math competitions lately.. i can only imagine how something like the SparkLab can inspire the little geniuses. Nice post!

jonathan cardoza

I was in the museum last summer and had a blast. My personal fav is C3PO


Your blog feels like something out of National Treasure! Sweet!

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